Facebook’s New “Donate Now” Button Could be A Game Changer for Non-Profits.


The heartbeat of any non-profit lies in the ability to raise funds for initiatives. These funds can be in the form of securing donations or grants to help with the day-to-day operations and projects for the non-profit.

Thanks to various crowd funding websites, and the drive of social media campaigns, non-profits today are able to get creative with their fund-raising efforts and effectively raise funds to help their causes.

The ALS Ice bucket challenge for instance, used social media fund-raising campaign alone to secure over 100 million in donations. For not for profit organizations hoping to capitalize on the effectiveness of social media for fund raising, the new “donate now” button from Facebook, could go a long way to streamline ways to receive donations.

facebook donate now button

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Why is This New Conversion Option a Game-Changer?

Ability to Create More Effective Facebook Campaigns.

Non-profits that take advantage of the “donate now” call-to-action (CTA) button, can create more tightly themed Facebook campaigns. Meaning, their call-to-action for their Facebook campaigns can be displayed prominently on their page all the time. Anytime a visitor visits the Facebook page, the non-profit that has the CTA button displayed has a shot at getting a donation.

It is important to note that, activating the “donate now” button alone may not make a big difference in a non-profit’s campaigning activities if it is not backed by a well-thought out campaign. However, with that said, since the button is now available to everyone, at the very least, it would be wise for non-profits to activate this option, and create cover photos that have action statements to drive clicks.


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Run Facebook Ads With a “Donate Now” Call to Action Button

The new “donate now” button goes beyond a static Facebook page button. It can also be used in Facebook ads to reach a wider audience. Instead of non-profits having Facebook Ads that ask ad viewers to visit a website, advertisers can be very direct with their call-to-actions, leading to a reduction in cost per acquisition for fund raising efforts.

It important to mention that, even though the goals for traditional business campaigns are usually different from non-profit fund raising efforts, the buyer journey principle may apply. While you may want to have direct ads to increase fund raising conversions, you may also want to have some ads that are geared towards educating the public to get people to the point where they would want to donate.

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Reduce Costs from Crowdfunding Websites and Concentrate on Facebook

Crowdfunding is a form of crowd sourcing method for fund-raising by non-profits. While crowdfunding websites allow non-profits and even anyone with a business idea to secure funds, they also charge administrative and commission fees.

Non-profits who have access to a well-engaged social media audience can opt to reduce crowdfunding costs by concentrating efforts on driving traffic to their own website for donations. Of course, this decision is one that should be made based on a cost analysis – if a non-profit even though incurring costs is able to secure more funds with a multi-touch approach that includes crowd funding – it may not be logical to eliminate that source of funding completely.

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Written by Hellen Oti

Founder of MarketingWorld, Digital Marketing and Web Analytics Manager at CompuData and passionate Integrated Marketing Optimization (IMO) evangelist.

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